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What fabric is Organza?

2019-04-28 04:00:02 Zhejiang duoling Belt line Co., Ltd. 阅读785

Organza is also called Cogan yarn, also known as Ou Yarn, Ou Yarn. English name: Organaz, is a chemical fiber fabric, generally transparent or translucent light yarn, mostly used to cover the satin or silk. Silk organza is one of the more expensive ones in organza. It has hardness, but it is silky and does not hurt the skin. Therefore, most wedding dresses are made. Ordinary organza can make clothes, need to add a layer of lining to wear, or make decorative ribbons.

Organza is a kind of chemical fiber lining and fabric. It is not only used to make wedding dresses, high-grade imitation silk thin fabrics, but also can be used to make curtains, dresses, Christmas tree ornaments and various jewelry bags. Organza, English name: Organaz, also known as Cogan yarn, organza, is a fabric with a transparent and translucent gauze texture, mostly used to cover satin or silk. The organza has chemical fiber and silk, and there are very few cotton organza. The chemical fiber organza is very cheap at 3.5---5.5 yuan/meter, while the silk organza is calculated according to the MM number. Generally at 15---24 yuan / meter.

The clothes of organza fabric are very smooth, light and elegant, very top grade, with texture and light. It is said that silk is also good for the human body, such as UV protection, moisture absorption and so on. The clothing of organza fabric is relatively hard, not suitable for tops. If it is artificial, it should pay attention to whether the workmanship is fine. Otherwise, it will be rough, and it will be hard to wear. The price is more expensive, care should be taken when maintaining silk clothes. However, the organza of rayon is cheaper.

The fabrics of organza fabrics are: 100% pol, 100% nalon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon. These materials indicate that the organza fabrics are also bad and bad. It is recommended that you choose 100% POL when purchasing the organza fabrics. This kind of organza fabrics is still relatively superior. Organza fabric is the most promising fiber today, and it can be blended with other fabrics, so it can also produce sportswear, casual wear, shirts, high-grade ready-to-wear fabrics and so on.

The clothes of the organza fabric are good. The above is a description of the clothes of the organza fabric. I hope that you can refer to the crush. Organza clothing is so popular now that every girl is an organza dress control.